Notable people – Kathleen Burns, Ph.D. and Michael R. Harbut, M.D.

Author of Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards

Kathleen Burns, Ph.D. Director,   Sciencecorps

Lexington, Massachusetts

Dr. Burns worked for state and federal agencies for 25 years before founding Sciencecorps in 2004.  She has published books and papers on the toxicology and epidemiology of chemicals, radiation, and nanomaterials. She managed investigative teams and conducted risk assessments of air, water, soil, and food contamination in the US and other countries, and for 9/11 responders, Veterans, tribal organizations, and post-Katrina communities. She has worked on improved air and water regulations, fish advisory programs, TSCA regulations, community right-to-know protections, and other state and federal programs. Dr. Burns has degrees from the University of

Chicago and the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago.

Michael R. Harbut, M.D.

Chief, Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine;

Director,  Environmental Cancer Initiative,   Karmanos Cancer Institute
118 N. Washington,  Royal Oak, Michigan 48067-1751   248.547.9100        e-mail:

Michael R. Harbut, MD, MPH is Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of the Environmental Cancer Program at Wayne State University’s Karmanos Cancer Institute.   Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Harbut was Chair of the Occupational and Environmental Health Section of the American College of Chest Physicians, was Medical Coordinator of the Kibumbe Refugee Camp during the 1994 Civil War in Rwanda where the death rate for patients under his care was 1/3 that of the remainder of the camp and was Chief US Medical Advisor to Poland’s Solidarity during the Cold War. His research has been published or presented in venues ranging from the New England Journal of Medicine to the White House.

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  1. larry pelas says:

    I live in Venice, La with my partner in life of 28 years in early June Diane started having shortness of breath and it continued to progress until July 30 when she went to the hospital after collapsing. After being in ICU for about 14 days they told our family she had (BOOP) lung disease and it is really rare. Diane stayed in and out of the hospital until September 14, 2010, the day she died. Our family would like to know if this is related to the gulf oil spill: Thanks Larry Pelas Phone 504 460 0506

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