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Notable people – Merle “Bailey” Savage

Please follow Merle “Bailey” Savage  – Alaska hero – Prince William Sound, Valdez oil spill. Merle Savage, worked extensively as a female general foreman in Task Force One, during the oil recovery project in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989. … Continue reading

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Notable people – Kathleen Burns, Ph.D. and Michael R. Harbut, M.D.

Author of Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards Kathleen Burns, Ph.D. Director,   Sciencecorps Lexington, Massachusetts Dr. Burns worked for state and federal agencies for 25 years before founding Sciencecorps in 2004.  She has published books and papers on the toxicology and … Continue reading

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Environmental Illness

by Brigitte Mars Our three sources of oxygen, food, water and air are polluted and bound with toxins. As these sources become deoxygenated, they become breeding grounds for anaerobic bacteria. All forms of pollution starve our bodies of oxygen. Environmental illness, … Continue reading

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Notable people – Kindra Arnesen

Please follow Kindra Arnesen – Louisiana hero – Speaking truth to power! “…Often, to speak is an act of valour. Let there be no question – Kindra Arnesen is courageous. She characterizes herself as an “uneducated housewife” but who would not … Continue reading

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Notable people – Riki Ott

Please follow Riki Ott – Marine toxicologist and Exxon Valdez survivor. Riki has tirelessly worked on environmental toxicty issues for years A world reknowned figure respected for her work and efforts. Riki Ott website Riki Ott youtube Riki Ott google … Continue reading

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Survive the Gulf Oil Blowout! Be healthy, get healthy

This site is intended to help collate and distribute information pertaining to the health consequences of the gulf oil blowout. This site is non partisan and does not pick sides nor chooses right from wrong, or even what our future … Continue reading

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