Notable people – Merle “Bailey” Savage

Please follow Merle “Bailey” Savage  – Alaska hero – Prince William Sound, Valdez oil spill. Merle Savage, worked extensively as a female general foreman in Task Force One, during the oil recovery project in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989. My name during that summer was Bailey; however, in 1994 I obtained a divorce andContinue reading “Notable people – Merle “Bailey” Savage”

Notable people – Kindra Arnesen

Please follow Kindra Arnesen – Louisiana hero – Speaking truth to power! “…Often, to speak is an act of valour. Let there be no question – Kindra Arnesen is courageous. She characterizes herself as an “uneducated housewife” but who would not want to go to battle with people like her. She will not be intimidated.  AndContinue reading “Notable people – Kindra Arnesen”